Jason's Strada Fango

Joanne's Strada Fango

Phil's Strada Fango

We received this note from Phil after a couple hundred miles of riding his Ellis:

I may have finally found the answer to the age old question of “If I could only have one bike, what would it be?”  The ride is exceptional.  It handles the rough roads very well, better than I expected, and is more responsive than I would expect from the steel and wider tires.  I am also very happy that you steered me towards Di2: the shifting seems almost thought-controlled.

Mike's Modern Classic

Chris's Strada Fango

Debbie's Strada

Debbie wrote us this kind note:

You're amazing! Now that I've had a chance to really ride the bike a couple of times, I wanted to drop you note to let you know how much I love it. I've gotten out on the road and on the trail, and today I was out by myself so I was really able to play with it a bit. It's amazing the way it has shifted my power to (apparently) where it should be, because it seemed at times that I was just flying up hills.

Also, the fork is quickly becoming my favorite part of the bike – it’s just so elegant!

Jim's Strada

Tristan's Fillet Strada

Jeff's Neve Fatbike

Jeff dropped us this note:


A delayed note of thanks.... The bike is everything I anticipated ... handles and fits perfectly, amazing build quality, and good part specs.

Thanks for all your help and getting it to me in time for the Berkshires fall weather!!

Hope to ride with you sometime,

Walter's "Dr Tea and Me"

Walter wrote:

The bike is jaw dropping. My friends are drooling.
The ride is perfect - everything I asked for. Just enough cush, but plenty stiff.
I really like those 28s and the ability to drop it down to 25s.
The DI2 Shifting is phenomenal.
Do I need to write anymore superlatives?

Barry's Strada Fango

Tom's Strada

Gene's EPS Strada

Gene wrote us:

The bike arrived in perfect shape; packing job was great.

In terms of the ride, I think I've been spoiled. I'm not going to start with the silly cliche terms used in bike reviews, but I will agree with the term "smooth" used by others to describe the Ellis ride. I deliberately took an old farm road where I know the pavement is really bad and the bike handled it well. Maybe it's the steel fork? I know carbon is lighter but for the life of me I can't imagine someone not ordering one of your steel forks with a bike order. Descending @ 35 mph or so the bike was super stable.

EPS has worked perfectly so far and I think I could be spoiled by that as well.

Bess's Couplered Strada

Bess says:
Fabulous bike! Riding almost everyday: commute to work during the week, longer rides on weekend. And can I just say "Wow" about the bike?

Ray's Strada Fango

Ray wrote:
The bike is great. I have about 2K miles on it and it's a joy to ride.

John's Team Strada

John wrote a couple notes:

Why does it feel (and look) so right? Seriously, the second I got on it, the bike felt so balanced. Looking forward to hammering it down the mountain tomorrow!

Did Levi’s Gran Fondo yesterday. Beautiful, fun ride with some wickedly steep grades. There was also a dirt/gravel road section which was super fun. First kind of torture test for the Ellis and it was fantastic in every situation. Really handled the dirt well, too...

Dave's Strada

The Ellis is stratospheric beyond all expectations... Words cannot describe how wonderful it rides, corners and shifts! The DI2 is amazing, but the bike inspires confidence with each additional mile.

Thanks to you and Jason for your craftsmanship and artistry.

- Dave

Greg's Di2 Strada

NAHBS Modern Classic

Manuel's XL-tubed Strada

Marco's Strada SLX

Deborah's Strada

Neve Fatbike

This bike was tapped as "Best Fillet Frame" at the Charlotte 2014 NAHBS. With SRAM 1x11 and HED Big Deal carbon wheels, it weighs in at 26 pounds. More info on the Neve

Here's an article about Dave and the Neve from Fatbike.com

Neil's Strada

Kevin's Fillet Randonneur

Rudy's Couplered Strada Inox

Gerry's Strada SLX

Matthew's Modern Classic

Casey's Modern Classic

Mike's Fillet-brazed Modern Classic

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