Dave's Dirt Road Rando

This is not your Grandfather's rando bike! I think if Alex Singer and Rene Herse were around today, they wouldn't be building bikes with 40 year old parts. They were known for using the newest and most cutting edge parts available...I think they'd embrace technology like Di2 electronic shifting.

In addition, this bike features internal wiring for a Schmidt SonDelux SL front hub, internal Di2 wiring, and S&S couplers to allow for easy traveling.

For materials, I chose a complete stainless tubeset, including the fork blades, so the entire bike is polished raw stainless with the exception of the painted lugs and fork crown. I think it makes for a nice contrast.

The complete bike with stainless Berthoud fenders, 35c Vittoria Randonneur Hyper tires, dyno hub, lights, and custom HED wheels weighs in at a very respectable 23.1 lbs.

Makenzie's Ironman-bound Tri Bike

Mark's Modern Classic

Within the first minute I had the feeling that wow, this is a really nice ride. It is so  balanced: buttery smooth and very comfortable yet lively.... Thanks for your great work. I am sure you are very proud of the bike. I am!


Mike's Modern Classic

Just unpacked the bike and I'm amazed. It's better than I expected, and I expected a lot.

I've had a change to take the bike out on a few rides, the last being a 200k. It performed wonderfully, and exceeded my expectations. It's very comfortable, but doesn't give up anything in weight and performance. And it is easily the best looking bike in the house.

- Mike

Chris's Rando/Dirt Road Bike

Ben's "Couplered" Di2 Road Frame

Wayne's DRB

Just got back from my first ride on the DRB, and the bike is just awesome!

On pavement the bike feels pretty much like my road Ellis, which is to say like a perfectly normal, solid feeling, road bike. On dirt roads though is where you realize that it's different. I was surprised at how smooth, stable and responsive it felt, and how well it soaked up little holes and washboard sections. 

It's definitely the most confidence inspiring road bike I ever ridden on dirt and gravel, much better than my cross bike (which is up for now sale!).

I'm know that there are a combination of factors that contribute to how the frame feels and handles; geometry, tubing selection, etc., but you really have all those things dialed in with this frame. The component package is great and the wheel & tire combo feel just right for the frame. The bike feels so familiar, yet so different when the going gets rough. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one!

- Wayne


John's Modern Classic DRB

Dave's Di2 Dirt Road Bike (DRB)

Read a review of this bike by Milwaukee's own Dave Schlabowske

Rob's 650b Dirt Road Bike (DRB)

Kenneth's Road Frame

Emily's Light Touring Frame

Tom's Do-it-all Dirt Road Bike (DRB)

John's Di2 Ellis

Randy's Di2 Road Bike

Jim's Light Tourer

Han's Touring Frame

Justin's Fillet Road Frame

Pete's Light Touring Frame

Carl's Dirt Road Bike

Travis Award-Winning Rando Bike

Watch the video of this bike

Chris' DRB (Dirt Road Bike)

Wayne's Road Frame

Grey 29'er

MTBR took a closer look at this frame with Dave. Watch the video

White & Red Di2 frame

953 Special for Chris

"I end up staring at the bike whenever I'm in the room with it--it has a kind of gravity.  I've never seen any bicycle like it."
-Chris (a guy who has seen a lot of bikes)

Tom's gold randoneur

Steve's new rando bike

Sydney's pink road frame

Rob's 29'er

Jason's Bi-Laminate Frame

Blue Goodness

Carl's Do-it-all Frame

Saoirse Road Frame

Di2 Frame

This bike incorporates Shimano's new electronic shifting into a beautifully finished classic steel frame.

Caitlin's orange road frame

Dr Tea's 953: "Best of Show" 2010 NAHBS

"This is the bike I have wanted since I was fourteen."
- "Doctor Tea"

Kevin's Road Frame

Chad's TT Bike

Chad sent this note:

Dave, I have extremely high standards but this frame is way over the bar!!! Unreal!! During the little spare time I have I restore old cars and rebuild them to a high standard but this frame is just in another zip code. Awesome! I will send photos this weekend of the build. A perfect bike! Absolutely exactly what I wanted.

Rob's Christmas Surprise

Rob had this to say about his frame:

It is in a word fantastic from fit to finish to ride. I just can't say enough good things about it. It is equal to my Weigle in finish and that is my highest compliment.... The fit and handling are sublime, in fact so good that it is my new benchmark for frames.

Eduardo's Road Frame

Selena's Subtle Beauty

Jon's 650B Randoneer

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